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From time to time, it is important to take an overall look at the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems within a building. Whether it’s an existing building being taken over by a new occupant, a planned expansion project, or even just a due-diligence study, we have always found it helpful to our clients to provide them with a thorough building system evaluation.  It provides an opportunity to determine if certain critical pieces of equipment are facing issues associated with their age and condition, especially if approaching or exceeding their intended service lifespan.  It is also helpful for discovering existing conditions that might need to be addressed if there is future work being planned in a space. 

Wick Fisher White’s approach to a building systems evaluation is a complete, top-down, holistic view of both the infrastructure and the utilization equipment.  After collecting enough information through the use of existing building system drawings, detailed survey, and discussion with knowledgeable personnel at the facility, we research the applicable local codes to determine if any violations are present throughout the building. 

We also reach out to equipment manufacturers to determine life expectancies of critical pieces of equipment, and review maintenance records, if they are available. Based on our analysis, we then provide a detailed study to describe our findings, including recommended actions, pros and cons, and if necessary, engineering cost estimates associated with each recommendation.

It has been our experience that these evaluations provide our clients with all the necessary information to develop a master plan for improving their maintenance approach and master planning for their facility.  In some cases, these types of building system evaluations can help avoid critical equipment failures resulting in loss of function, damage to infrastructure, or even injury to personnel.