GlaxoSmithKline - Building 1 Lab Cx





Building 1 Lab Cx


Location - Undisclosed


103,000 Sq. Ft.




Wick Fisher White commissioned lab spaces at GSK, These lab spaces consist of flexible working areas that foster better collaboration by sharing space that can be adapted for various types of research and testing.  Each floor was approximately 25,750 sf with a total building of 103,000 sf.   Our team also ensured that the alarming and controls operated as intended.

HVAC systems commissioned include the following:

  • Supply, Return and Exhaust air distribution

  • Reheat

  • Building Automation System controls

  • Fume Hoods (including confirming certification)

  • Biological Safety Cabinets (including confirming certifications)

  • Fan Coil Units and Chilled water to them

  • Exhaust Fans 

  • Lab Services including Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Vacuum, and DI Water

  • Electrical Power and Metering

  • Lighting Controls with four lighting level readings per floor

  • Freezer Monitoring System

  • Quantities of Hood and cabinets for the four floors are as follows:

  • Ventilated Balance enclosures: qty 44

  • Ventilated Equipment Enclosures: qty 53

  • Chemical Fume Hoods, 5 – 10 foot long, with single automated vertical sash: qty 135

  • Chemical Fume Hoods, 10 foot long, no automated sashes

Alyse Chestnut