Wick Fisher White Supports ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA at 16th Annual Breakfast

WFW had the pleasure once again, to support the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA at their Annual Scholarship Breakfast. The fundraiser was held at The Crystal Tea Room on Wednesday morning May 17th.  Vice President, Christopher Arnold has served on the Board of Directors for many years and currently acts as the Scholarship Chair.  This year he had the privelege of handing out 13 scholarships totaling $60,000.  Also in attendance at the breakfast were current ACE mentors Josh Taylor and Anthony Fasano as well as Marketing Manager Jessica Thornton.  Wick Fisher White was honored to be a part of and support this amazing event!  For more information about scholarship winners click here.

Founded in 2000, the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern Pennsylvania gives students from local high schools an exciting opportunity to learn more about potential careers in architecture, engineering and construction