Brace Busters / Appel Orthodontics - New Offices



Brace Busters / Appel Orthodontics


New Offices


Philadelphia, PA


24,000 Sq. Ft.


MEP / FP Design


Wick Fisher White designed a new 24,000 sf dental facility for a joint venture with Doc Bresslin’s Brace Busters and Appel Orthodontics. The new facility is located in a former vacant warehouse, directly across the street from Dr. Bresslin’s Cavity Buster Facility, on Geiger Road in North East Philadelphia. The engineering design included mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems to support two practices.  The mechanical systems upgrade included new rooftop units, VAV boxes and distribution ductwork to support the new clinics. The plumbing systems included a new domestic water system as well as a vacuum and equipment air systems that were piped underground to each dental chair. The electrical system modifications were designed to accommodate the new air conditioning along with the dental and imaging equipment. Wick Fisher White also designed circuiting and controls for the lighting schemes, accentuating dramatic ceiling features as well as modifications to the existing sprinkler system to support the renovations.  Overall, Wick Fisher White helped the client turn this vacant building into a vibrant, working facility.