DOW Chemical Company - HVAC Infrastructure Upgrades

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DOW Chemical Company


HVAC Infrastructure Upgrades


Philadelphia, PA


365,000 Sq. Ft.


MEP / FP Design


Wick Fisher White provide design and construction administration services for the substantial overhaul of the existing HVAC infrastructure serving the Dow Chemical Company’s 365,000 sq. ft. office building located at 100 Independence Mall West, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The project included major upgrades to the facility’s 1,300 ton cooling plant, such as the replacement of the original building cooling towers, water chillers, and HVAC pumps. A new boiler was provided for summer reheat loads, and a new direct digital control (DDC) building automation system was installed to replace the aging pneumatic/electric building controls. Also, the building’s original central station air handling units were overhauled and fitted with variable speed drives to improve their operating efficiency.

Additional strategies employed to improve energy efficiency included variable speed pumping, variable speed chiller operation, and variable speed cooling tower fans. As the project included modifications to the majority of the building’s HVAC systems, a major challenge facing the design and construction team was the issue of maintaining continuous comfort conditions for the building occupants throughout construction. This issue was addressed through careful scheduling and seasonal phasing of construction activities, so as to minimize disruptions to the facility’s heating/cooling operations.