Comcast Corporation - Headquarters Data Center

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Comcast Corporation


Headquarters Data Center


Philadelphia, PA


1,300 Sq. Ft.


ME / FP Design


As part of the tenant fit-out of Comcast’s original 1,100,000 sf hi-rise headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, Wick Fisher White designed the necessary system layout for the new data center. The project size of the data center is approximately 1,300 sf and utilized new overhead refrigerant cooling technology. The data center was designed to service all of Comcast’s 56 floors of the facility located at 1701 JFK Boulevard in Philadelphia, PA. Also, included in the design was an X-treme density heat removal system which was addressed higher heat loads. The data center contained movable modules that can be placed in hot spots and to accommodate a constantly changing environment. The refrigerant chiller distributes the refrigerant to cooling modules directly above the racks. This data center is unique due to its size and location within the building.