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Verizon Wireless


Chiller Separation


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MEP / FP Design


Verizon Wireless undertook a project with Wick Fisher White to reduce energy usage at one of their facilities that serves as a data center and an office headquarters.. Prior to implementation of the project both the equipment and office areas of the building were served by the same chiller plant. Verizon Wireless realized that that by separating the people, space cooling from the main chiller plant they could run the chiller plant at higher temperatures to serve the equipment spaces, thus using less energy to cool the building. Verizon Wireless engaged Wick Fisher White to perform a study and ultimately provide design and construction administration services for a new, separate chiller system to serve their administrative area air handlers independently of the main chilled water plant and equipment spaces.

The new administrative area chiller is a split air-cooled chiller with an indoor evaporator section piped with refrigerant to an outdoor condenser section on the roof. This arrangement eliminated the need for freeze protection of the chilled water piping. There is also a bypass connecting the new administrative area chilled water system to the main chilled water plant, to provide redundant back-up of the new chiller. Finally, we note that the project was staged to allow installation in a 24/7/365 building.