Patrick Chan joined Wick Fisher White in 1989 as an electrical engineer, and has since become the head of the electrical department. With this role, Patrick is involved in practically all markets that Wick Fisher White serves. As the head of the electrical engineering department, Patrick is not only responsible for allocating the optimal human resources for each project, but he is also involved in providing guidance and quality assurance of the projects in various degrees. Patrick believes that providing superior engineering is the foundation of our business. Built on top of that is timely service.

He believes that our employees are our best assets, and devotes a lot of energy in working together with them to further enhance their skillset and values. Patrick Chan graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in electrical engineering, and obtained a master's degree in engineering management from Drexel University.

Patrick Chan is a licensed professional engineer and a member of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).