Thomas Jefferson University - Information Services & Technology Department



Thomas Jefferson University


Information Services & Technology Department


Philadelphia, PA


43,000 Sq. Ft.


MEP / FP Design


Wick Fisher White provided both tenant and landlord mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design and construction services for the fit-out of approximately 43,000 sf of office space on the 10th floor of 833 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, for Thomas Jefferson University’s Information Services and Technology Department. The additional space was required due to projected growth and operational expansion of TJU’s IT needs. The fit-out space included open office workstations, team rooms, conference rooms, a café, and three large training rooms. TJU’s vision for the space was to have a wide open feel, consistent with the expectations of the predominantly younger, tech-savvy new hires who would be working there. This was accomplished by having an exposed ceiling plan around the perimeter of the space, and limiting dropped ceilings to a central core area. Careful coordination was required to ensure that the primary MEP distribution systems were located above the ceilings within the core.

In addition to the exposed ceilings, the project included other unique features such as a 4-inch high accessible raised floor provided throughout the space to facilitate the routing of power, data and audio/visual cabling, and to allow for the easy relocation of plug and play furniture and equipment. The space also has 100% power redundancy. An automatic transfer switch switches power between two separate bus risers fed from separate substations and incoming building electric services.

New construction on the 10th floor also included men’s and women’s toilet rooms for common tenant use. These were required to supplement the existing floor toilet rooms, due to the increased occupancy generated by TJU’s fit-out. Wick Fisher White provided MEP design and construction services for the new toilet rooms under a separate contract with the landlord.